Refresher Course

At Big fish Driving School we don’t just teach young people and new learners how to drive, we also help existing drivers to improve their general skills.

Many people that have already passed their driving test find that since they passed many things have changed on U.K. roads. This can make many drivers feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of people and what is now required of them on the roads.

If you stopped driving many years ago and now want to get back behind the wheel but don’t have the confidence, we can help you with some classes to bring your driving skills back to a high standard while giving you the assurance that you need.

We find that it is not necessary to teach experienced drivers in the same way we would our new learner. So we cover a number of exercises that will help you to feel more positive behind the wheel, while giving you time to get your experience back.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us using details above to see how we can help you.

What our students say

Mark is an excellent teacher, very flexible with lesson times and days, easy to contact and I felt he was extremley easy to get on with and always very supportive - Sophie (Solihull) ----- " A good guy, excellent teacher, explains everything clearly.Teaches safe driving rather than just to pass the test - has also taught my sisters" - Jon (Solihull) ----- "With Big Fish, I passed the test first time. I also did Pass Plus and found it extremely helpful!" - Jonathan (West Midlands) ----- "Would recommend Mark to anyone who wants to learn to drive" - Lucy (Birmingham)